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 About The Podcast: 

The iPhoneography Podcast started out as The Artful iPhoneography Interviews where I would have a chat with members of an online community that I hosted called The Artful iPhoneography Community. I would talk to the members about their story of how they got into taking pictures with their iPhone. That was something I wanted to do as a companion to the community itself and it was going well. As you may or may not know, I was also a co-host on The Tiny Shutter Podcast which ran for over eight years and was the only podcast in the airways dedicated solely to iPhone photography. After that great run, Tiny Shutter has discontinued regular production as we knew it.


During the final regular recording of Tiny Shutter, Marc Sadowski passed the torch of doing an iPhone photography podcast over to me and I rebranded the AiPC Interviews to The iPhoneography Podcast. Producing a podcast takes time and commitment and sometimes that's hard to come by. The AiPC Interviews was recorded whenever I could get a guest to come on, but the new show now comes out on a more regular schedule.

Tiny Shutter alumni Dave Podnar has agreed to be my co-host on The iPhoneography Podcast and we will do our best to bring you all things related to the craft. We'll bring you app reviews, how-to's, news, tips and the occasional guest when we can. We have some episodes on YouTube but have discontinued the videos on a regular basis. We may record video when we have a guest or something interesting enough to make it worth while.

This podcast is released as an enhanced podcast that is formatted into chapters and when we are discussing a photo, the image will appear in the podcast player on your iPhone. Podcast players that show the images are (as far as I know) Apple Podcasts, Overcast and Pocket Casts. 

In August of 2021, our programming expanded with the addition of a new audio and video podcast called The David Addison Show. David is an established YouTube content creator who, after appearing as a guest on the podcast, expressed an interest in doing a podcast of his own. After some discussion, he became part of The iPhoneography Podcast for a series of episodes but has since discontinued his show. I'm happy that he became part of the network, even for a short time.


Stay tuned and thanks for listening.


All My Best


Greg McMillan

Greg McMillan
Dave Podnar
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