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Street Portraiture with Jack Hollingsworth | Ep 111

We have a special guest this week. My good friend Jack Hollingsworth joins Dave and I to talk about Street Portraiture and Jack’s Workshop coming up February 17-24 in Cuba. If a Street Portraiture workshop in Cuba sounds interesting to you, you might want to listen to this episode because Jack has a special offer for two of the podcast listeners. We won’t be doing Our Recent Photos this time but instead, we will look at some of Jack’s portraiture and hear the stories behind them.

Don’t gorget to contact un via the Contact page on the website and mention “iPhoneJack” to be entered in the scholarship contest. Winners will be selected on February 9th at 9pm EST. I will contact the winners via the email address used in the Contact Form.

Jack's Portrait Photos

Our Portraits


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The music at the end of this video was created on a Mac using GarageBand.

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